The sky is mine

Concorso italiano – New talent opera prima


After the fall of the Afgan government in August 2021, Aziz, an art teacher from Herat, was rescued with his family by a special military operation launched by the Italian Defense Ministry. They arrived in Italy and were welcomed in Mirasole Abbey, a historical 12th-century monastery founded by the Humiliati order. While weeping at the loss of his homeland in silence, Aziz tries hard to make a better life for his children, especially for Erfan, his beloved disabled son suffering from a genetic neuromuscular disorder. Despite his condition, Erfan can look forward to building a new life in his new home. He feels connected to the soul of the abbey while the hidden prayers of the Ambrosian rite resting in the place guide him to survival.


Director:  Ayoub Naseri
Production:  Unione Buddhista Italiana
Producer:  Ayoub Naseri
Editing:  Ayoub Naseri
Cinematography:  Nicola Zambelli, Ayoub Naseri
Lenght:  65′
Nation: Italy
Year:  2023

Director’s notes:

With the new wave of Afghan refugees in 2021, I closely followed the story of dozens of families welcomed in Lombardy. The film tells the existential drama of one of these families, highlighting the symbolic role of the place that embraces their mourning for their homeland. While the media narrative has focused only on some aspects of the events, I’ve tried to go beyond the stereotyped language of interviews to build an existential story that represents the emotional dimension by delving into the individual aspects of this common experience.