Eat Bitter

Concorso Internazionale


Thomas, a young local, risks his life every day by diving to the bottom of the Ubangui river, without any gear, to bring sand that is used to build a new bank in the country. Thomas barely earns enough money to feed his children, but when he discovers that his exgirlfriend is pregnant, he’s propelled to turn his life around. Thomas wants to become a boss directly selling the sand he collects to Luan.

Luan is a chinese engineer who, three years ago, left his family to triple his salary in Bangui. The bank is Luan’s first project he supervises at his newly joined company, but the work is delayed due to several setbacks. Meanwhile, in China, Luan’s family is falling apart as his wife, who he hasn’t seen for two years, attempts to commit suicide. Luan starts to wonder: How can he save his family?


Director:  Pascale Appora-Gnekindy, Ningyi Sun
Production:  Kea-Kwis Productions, Oaz Picture Entertainment, Perpetuo Films, Mjagger
Producer:  Mathieu Faure
Editing:  Hannah Choe, Mathieu Faure
Cinematography:  Orphèe Zaza Emmanuel Bamoy
Lenght:  95′
Nation: China, Central African Republic
Year:  2023

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