25 May

The 9th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo presents the image of the 2023 edition

The 9th International Documentary Festival
Visioni dal Mondo
presents the image of the 2023 edition

Evocative, effective, emotional, the new image accompanies the theme of Visioni dal Mondo 2023: Listening with the eyes

In Milan from 14 to 17 September

Milano, 25 May 2023. The 9th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, conceived, founded and directed by Francesco Bizzarri with the artistic direction of Maurizio Nichetti, presents the new image of the 2023 edition, scheduled to take place in Milan from 14 to 17 September.

An evocative image with a strong visual impact will accompany the appointment with the cinema of reality, Visioni dal Mondo, now in its ninth edition.

Created by the internal creative team, the image emphasises the concept developed by the theme chosen for this year’s edition, i.e. Listening with the eyes, which emphasises the etymology of the word listening, listening attentively, paying attention, observing, perceiving, feeling in order to understand, learn and increase one’s experience.

The iris of the eye is at the centre of the creative composition: beams and particles of coloured light converge and create its shape. The colours and lines recall the speed of virtual connections that reduce geographical and cultural distances in our digital age. In this sense, the iris is not only the representation of the human gaze but also becomes the vision of artificial intelligence and, by extension, the lens of a camera. A sidereal blue shade recalls the earth’s atmosphere and our planet, to consider the present, to look at the dynamism of the future without forgetting the past.

The Festival organisers are currently defining the 2023 programme: the structure, in addition to events, masterclasses and panels, includes the Italian Contest, with two categories, aimed at Italian filmmakers, the International Contest, dedicated to foreign productions, the Visioni Incontra Contest, dedicated to documentary projects still in the work in progress or in advanced final development stage, and the Visioni VR Contest, dedicated to works in virtual reality and interactive experiences.
The deadline for submitting documentaries and projects is 31 May. Details on how to participate are available at www.visionidalmondo.it.

9° International Documentary FestivlaVisioni dal Mondo
in Milan from 14 to 17 September and online on www.visionidalmondo.it

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