18th September 2021


Italian contest – Short film

Brief Synopsis:

Bahia, Sertão: for many years people have just thought about deforesting and destroying plants. Farmers like Jose Antonio struggled to survive and get something good from an arid land, devastated and impoverished by years of wretched monoculture cultivation. But one day something changed and a new way of thinking started to spread even in the suffering Brazilian Sertão. The philosophy of the Adapta Group association, based on the revolutionary system of agroforestry regeneration, found fertile ground in the mind of some resilient fighters such as Jose Antonio: concrete people ready to get back into the game, people who were not afraid of thinking different. People ready to fight to change the world and make their dreams come true.


Directed by: Giacomo Arrigoni
Production: Rigenera APS
Producer: Nicolò de Rienzo, Daniele Cesano
Editing: Giacomo Arrigoni
Cinematography: Jorge Macedo
Running time: 4’
Country: Italia / Brasile
Year: 2020
Contacts: Giacomo Arrigoni|

Director’s note:

To tell the small resilient revolution of a humble Brazilian farmer against climate change in a poetic way, without renouncing to expose a new kind of agriculture with scientific clarity, I was inspired by the participatory yet lyrical vision that Werner Herzog adopts in many of his films. The documentary, born during the lockdown as an act of freedom and creative resilience, reveals that a feverish dream hatched in the Brazilian Sertão or in the enclosure of a room can set the world on fire.