Hunting for Hedonia

15 september 2019

15 : 00

Brief Synopsis:

Definition of Hedonia: A state of intrinsic ultimate pleasure.
What if there was a place deep in the brain that can take you from pain to pleasure? What if tiny pulsing electrodes in your head could change your mind? How would we harness such a revolutionary tool in our eternal hunt for happiness? This film explores how the burgeoning technology of deep brain stimulation will impact human identity and our sense of self.


Directed by: Pernille Rose Grønkjær
Screenplay: Lone Frank
Production: Danish Documentary Production
Producers: Sigrid Dyekjær (DDP)
Editing: Claudio Hughes
Cinematography: Ben Bernhard
International sales: Det Danske Filminstitut
Running time: 87’
Country: Denmark
Year: 2019
Contacts: Anne Marie Kürstein | Festival Consultant / Documentary Films |

Director’s note:

The major part of the film is focused on the present time: the doctors and patients of today.
DBS is used by neurologists all over the world. In the film we are following the doctors and their patients in Europe, South America and the US. We follow the patients before and after their operations and see how this procedure is changing and influencing their lives. This will provide us with emotional relatable stories that will give the audience a chance to reflect. What if you lost your loved one to depression? Would you want a way to call them back?
Pernille Rose Grønkjær