INDUSTRYIndustry Visioni Incontra 2020 Accreditation

The Forum Industry Visioni Incontra is the place for filmmakers and producers to meet broadcaster commissioners, sales agents, cinema circuits, national and international distributors, platform managers, institutional managers,

Forum Industry Visioni Incontra 2020 will take place online .

The Industry Forum activities and events will take place from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th September. There will be the 1) Pitching sessions ,15 projects to be pitched in front of the decision makers and the Industry delegates, 2) The One on One meetings between the directors/producers in competition and the Industry delegates 3) Round tables 4) Close-ups 5) Panels

To participate to Visioni Incontra the Industry delegates should register and fill in the Industry accreditation form. Once accepted by the Festival delegates they’ll receive a pw enabling them to participate to all screening and events.