Visioni Incontra Best Documentary Project Award 2021

“On the road” by Gabriele Vacis, producer Michele Fornasero

Cinema La Compagnia Award

With the inclusion within the programming of the Cinema La Compagnia in Florence, the only theatre in Italy dedicated to documentary cinema. This is an important opportunity stemming from the collaboration between Visioni dal Mondo and Fondazione Sistema Toscana – Toscana Film Commission
“The flower grandchildren”, by Aureliano Amadei;
“My brother, Ernesto Che Guevara” by Antonio Cervi and Silvia Giulietti;
“My Private Settlement” by Elad Orenstein and Irmy Shick Bloom, produced by Mika Timor

Lo Scrittoio Subtitles Award

Bad road” by Claudia Cipriani, producer Niccolò Volpati

Jury Special Mention

Beyond the Last Call” by Enrico Cerasuolo, produced by Massimo Arvat.

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