The “Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà” (A Window on the World, Images from Reality) 4th International Documentary Festival presents the third edition of  “VISIONI INCONTRA”, two days dedicated to the “Industry forum” with the pitching of Italian documentary projects still “work in progress”.

The aim of “VISIONI INCONTRA” is to promote a quality selection of Italian projects still work in progress of contemporary creative documentaries.

Such documentaries will be pitched by the directors/producers in front of a professional community of broadcasters commissioning editors, distributors, tv buyers, buyers, producers, sales agents, festivals directors.

The selected Projects will be pitched during the two industry forum days in a 20 minutes session comprehensive of a presentation by the author and the producer, of the screening of a sizzle reel (not less than 5 five minutes) and of a final Q&A session with the industry’s community attending the forum.

The 5 minutes sizzle reel must be drawn out from the original shooting.

Furthermore Visioni Incontra staff will organize and manage one to one meetings between the producers/directors of the selected projects and the industry community attending the forum.

Compulsory Requirements

The competition is open to Italian independent productions. It is considered italian production:

  • if 50% or more of the film’s funding originated from sources within Italy;
  • italian minority co-productions provided the director is of Italian nationality

It is considered independent production a production not totally funded by the broadcasters.

The projects should be funded for at least 30 % of the estimated budget.

Projects will be selected by a committee of experts of the Festival.

Project’s applications comprehensive of all materials should be sent within June 15th 2018 (compulsory). The projects that have been selected will be informed within July 15th 2018.

The selected projects are required to confirm their acceptance to participate  within 7 days from the festival  notification / acceptance.

“VISIONI INCONTRA” will award for the best project a prize of € 2,500.

The prize will be nominated by the industry forum jury attending the pitching session.

The € 2,500 prize will be assigned to the production company of the film.

When the winning project will become a complete documentary, the such documentary should be premiered at the next ”Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà” (A Window on the World, Images from Reality) International Documentary Festival.

All pitched projects should list in their credits the ‘Visioni Incontra Selection’ logo. Also the Visioni Incontra  award winner should list to its credits the ‘Visioni incontra Award’ logo. Both logo will be provided by the Festival responsibles.