Awards and Special Mentions

The 2nd International Documentary festival ‘Visioni dal mondo, Immagini dalla realtà’ ( A Window on the world, images from Reality) has taken place from the 5th to the 9th of October, at the Unicredit Pavilion, in Piazza Gae Aulenti, in Milan.

On the closing date of the festival, (9th of October), Cristiana Capotondi, famous italian actress and the hosting lady of this edition has led the awarding ceremony  related to the “Stories of the Contemporary World’s” competition,  dedicated to  independent Italian filmmakers.


The Winners of the contest were: Ero Malerba, directed by Tony Trupia  and The Weight of Dreams directed by Francesco Matuzzi

Ero Malerba  was awarded both UniCredit awards: the Pavilion UniCredit official Prize, and the UniCredit Pavilion Students’ jury Prize.  The Pavilion UniCredit official prize  of 5000 euro was awarded by a jury composed by: Caterina D’Amico (producer and director of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome), Gianfranco Pannone (director), Alberto Dentice (journalist), Andrea Purgatori (journalist, writer and screenwriter) . The UniCredit Pavilion Students jury prize of 2500 euro  was awarded by a jury composed of students of the most representative Milanese cinema faculties and schools: the Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti, IULM, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan,  IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, University of Studi di Milano Department of Cultural heritage, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Milano branch.

Synopsis: Ero Malerba narrates about Sicily, the Mafia Wars, the ancient contradictions of a troubled region, but above all the desire for intellectual and cultural redemption of a Mafia killer who was jailed in the 70ies for multiple vengeance’s homicides. From being illiterrate, once entered in prison,  he started studyng and graduated, He wrote a book togheter with a journalist and friend, that has become the script for this documentary.  Ero Malerba is a story of a desperate final salvation effort of a killer wanting to escape the domination of violence and evil

The Weight of Dreams by Francesco Mattuzzi  obtained the recognition Rai Cinema that consists in the rights acquisition for the Rai channels

Synopsis: The Weight of Dreams tells the story of a couple of truck drivers, she Moroccan,  he Italian, who form an international  truck driving team, that travels all over Europe.  They work togheter, and they fall in love, get married, and…Work and love, character’s and cultural clashes are the ingredients of a beautiful human story, In the background today’s Europe, host of large and desperate migrations.

Special mention from both juries to Uncut, directed by Emanuela Zuccalà and Simona Ghizzoni

Synopsis: Uncut is the tale of the cruel practice of infibulation, from the voice of the protagonists who practice it or suffer it. Traditions and ancestral cultures, domination of man over woman, however, seem to finally be questioned even by the protagonists. Something starts to change…