The “A Window on the World-Images from Reality (Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà)” International Documentary Festival launches the first edition of  “VISIONI INCONTRA”, two days dedicated to the “Industry” with presentation of Italian documentary film projects still “work in progress”, in collaboration with Lombardia Film Commission.

The aim of “VISIONI INCONTRA” is to present a few work in progress of “current affair documentaries” by italian directors to a professional audience of broadcasters commissioning editors, distributors, independent producers, sales agents, directors and managers of italian and international Festivals.

Each of the selected projects will be presented in a pitching of  maximum 20-minute session by the directors and the producers.

We required 5 to 10 minutes footage video. The presentation will end after a final Q&A session with  the professionals.
Projects must be submitted by independent production (totally funded projects from broadcasts will not be admitted) and already funded for at least 40 % of the estimated budget. Projects will be selected by a committee of experts nominated by the Festival.

Directors and country of production should be italian.

Applications for admissions, projects, materials should be sent within the 16th of august 2016 (compulsory). The selected projects will be announced during the Festival press conference scheduled for beginning September 2016.

“VISIONI INCONTRA” will award for the best project a prize of € 2,500 by a selected committee made ​​up of national experts. The award is intended as a contribution to be used for post -production and ending of the film,  and will be given to the production company that made ​​the request.

Every project must be submitted through the online registration procedure “entry form” available on this site in “VISIONI INCONTRA” section.

All projects footage video should be sent through a vimeo link with password to the following address Writers and producers of the selected projects can modify, enrich, update the material for the final presentation to “VISIONI INCONTRA” provided that the total duration  is within the limits specified in the notice.

The producer / s must send to the following address

  • Portfolio of the company
  • Curriculum vitae of producers
  • picture in .jpg format

The director must send to the following address

  • Curriculum vitae
  • picture in .jpg format

It is required to send the following materials in pdf format to

  • Subject ( max . 2 pages )
  • Director’s statement ( max 1 page )
  • data sheet ( with specific cast and crew)
  • identification’s picture of the film ( shot by frame and / or a picture that explicate the project )

Screening formats allowed are: HD or Blu-ray files.

The selected projects are required to confirm their participation  within 7 days from the festival  notification / acceptance.