Rules 2018


The 4th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà (A Window on the World, Images from Reality)  is organized by the Production Co. Frankie Show Biz srl. Additional support is provided by other public and private Institutions, and by private Sponsors.

The 4th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà (A Window on the World, Images from Reality) wants to promote the documentary genre as the best cinematic art to report and narrate the world we are living in.

The 4th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà (A Window on the World, Images from Reality) wants to foster the documentary not only as a current affair reporter but also as an original story teller, as the cinema of  Reality.

The 4th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà (A Window on the World, Images from Reality) wants to investigate and report on the most important events of our contemporaneity, understand its changes and give a vision of our future.

The 4th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà (A Window on the World, Images from Reality)’s vocation is to promote the quality but also the social and economic relevants of the Italian documentary cinema.

The fourth edition of the A Window on the World, Images from Reality (Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà) International Documentary Festival will take place in Milan (Italy) from the 13th to the 16th of September 2018, at La Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna,6 – 20121 Milano.


Feature lenght international documentaries that have been awarded prizes in the International Festivals, and that are Italian premieres. Independent productions or big studio’s productions but all of them outstanding for the originality of the themes and of the storytelling. The International Panorama Section does not participate in the competition.


Stories of the Contemporary World, by young italian authors and directors. A Competition without any format or lenght limit. The film selection is regulated by the Rules and Regulations section.


A selection of the best Italian and international 2017/2018 documentary productions, directed by renowned filmmakers.


Public meeting with an international outstanding documentary film director. The Festival will pay him/her a Tribute and the award “Visioni dal Mondo, Cinema della realtà 2018”. The program also includes the screening of a selection of works, made by the same author or chosen by him as fundamental for his artistic career.


Workshops, panels in collaboration with Institutions, Industry associations, Industry professionals.


The selection for the Italian contest ‘Stories of the contemporary world’ is done by the Festival Directors and by the selection committe and the decisions are based on those they consider to be the artistic and narrative merits.

The  Festival  has no obligation to provide comments or feedback regarding the films submitted by the applicant or by any other representative of the film.

Once the film has been selected, the selected participant should use  the Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà Festival logo laurel for publicity purposes. The file will be sent by the Festival general secretary office in digital form.

  • All short, mid-lenght, feature-lenght italian documentaries completed after the 1st of January 2017 and not yet screened in Italy in any place and context can participate to the italian contest
  • The Festival will not consider for the contest all works that have had already in Italy, in any manner or form, public screenings and / or television / internet passages,   and that have already taken part in other national festivals
  • The competition is open to Italian independent productions:
  • if 50% or more of the film’s funding originated from sources within Italy;
  • italian minority co-productions provided the director is of Italian nationality

Independent productions is a production not fully financed by broadcasters.

The Festival directors will nominate:

  • The Official Palmares Jury: composed of leading figures in documentary cinema. The Jury will award the Visioni dal Mondo-Special Jury Prize;
  • The Student Jury: a Jury composed by students of the most known cinema and documentary university departments and schools of Milan. The students Jury will award the Visioni dal Mondo-Students Prize.



Documentaries officially selected for the  italian contest ‘Stories of the contemporary world’:

All documentaries selected for the Italian competition will be presented with Italian dialogue and with english subtitles. If the documentary or parts of it are in dialect and / or in a different language from Italian, subtitles in Italian and in English are required. All subtitles are at the expense of the applicants and their Production Company.

“International Panorama, non competitive section”:

Foreign films will be presented in their original language with english and Italian subtitles. if the original dialogue is in english the Festival requires only italian subtitles.


Submissions of films for pre-selection is free of charge.

Every film must be submitted through the online registration procedure ‘entry form’ available on this site.

All documentaries that want to participate to the Competition should be sent within the 15th of June 2018 to the address

Screening Formats allowed are mp4, h246, or a link streaming that specifies the url and pw in the entry form. The link must stay active at least until the end of the Festival, 16th of September 2018.

The final result of the selection will be notified to the applicants and participants by the  7 th of July 2018.

The registration will be accepted if all the materials and information requested will be received within the required deadlines and will meet all the requirements.  After filling in the entry form and sending it, the applicant will receive an email confirmation of the registration. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The films that will be awarded the Special mention or the Prizes should carry in the opening titles the mention: special mention or Award at the Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà Milan 2018 4th International Documentary Festival. The Festival general secretary will provide to send the official logo.






The directors / producers of the selected documentaries should send the following documentation within 5 days from notice of the selection (12th of July 2018).

By regular mail or Dhl, printed materials to the following address:

VISIONI DAL MONDO – Ufficio programmazione c/o Frankie Show Biz s.r.l.

Via Privata Maria Teresa 11

20123 MILANO

  • 2/3 poster – NOT COMPULSORY
  • 10 images of the Film – NOT COMPULSORY
  • 1 picture of the director – NOT COMPULSORY
  • 20 press book – NOT COMPULSORY


By e.mail to (COMPULSORY):

  • film synopsis (max 300 words) with technical specifications
  • artistic and technical cast
  • director’s biography
  • director’s filmography (list of titles, year of productions, awards)
  • brief director’s statement (max 150 words)
  • 1 picture of the director in high resolution (JPG)
  • 4 images/photo of the film in high resolution (JPG)
  • For promotional purposes a digital trailer (30” max, mp4 or h264 format)



Admitted screening formats are:

DCP, Blu-Ray, HD FILE. (All formats must be in High Definition)

Copies of the selected works should be sent in one of the above said formats and with an additional safety copy in blue ray to Milano address within the 27th of July 2018. The Programming office  will give all necessary additional information.

A Blu-Ray copy will remain in the Festival premises for  non-commercial uses.

At the end of the Festival, on September 16th 2018, the directors/producers are requested to pick up their screening copies. If not, the shipment cost will be charged to the producers.


The general programme and the schedule of the screening falls within the exclusive competence of  the Festival directors. Every film could be screened up to a max of 5 times

The Festival will publish a catalogue of all presented titles.


The prizes will be awarded to the directors of the winning films.

  • Visioni dal Mondo-Special Jury Prize;
  • Visioni dal Mondo-Students Prize.

The films that have been awarded should then provide to put in  the opening titles the logo laurel with the mention: ‘awarded at the ‘Visionidal mondo-Immaginidallarealtà 2018′ International Documentary Festival. The general secretary of the Festival will provide to supply the logo.

A Blu – Ray copy will remain for the Festival for any non-commercial uses.


Shipping costs (in and out) as well as any custom fees, are at the expense of the participants, if not authorized differently by the Programming office.

We recommend the label on your package “without commercial values”, ‘for cultural purposes only’.

The Festival does not cover any rental costs for the films selected for the Italian  Competition.

The Festival will not be held responsible for the unauthorized inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted film. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any film containing unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted materials.

In case of loss or damages of a copy , the Festival liability will be limited to the costs of reprinting copies based on Italian prices.

In the case of faulty projection, the Festival cannot be held liable for intangible losses incurred by director, producer, or distributor.

In case of conflicting interpretation only the Italian version of the Rules and Regulations is considered valid.

Entry and participation of documentaries implies unconditional acceptance of the above Rules and Regulations.

After the selection of a documentary, the festival has the right to:

  • use up to five-minute video of the documentary for publicity and online purposes
  • use all publicity material to promote the Festival
  • keep a copy of the documentary in its archive for non-commercial use, and for educational purposes


The Festival Directors could take all decisions on different subjects not provided for in these Rules and regulations.

Any litigation will be judged by the Court of Milano, Italy.



c/o Frankie Show Biz s.r.l.

legal address: Via Volturno, 47 – 20159 Milano

operative branch: Via Privata Maria Teresa 11 – 20123 Milano



The festival offers a free accommodation in hotel for the director of each documentary selected for the Italian Competition “Stories of the Contemporary World”.  After the selection, the festival will inform the directors  of the accommodation rules

Hospitality is valid for one person (director), for one night at the Festival’s official Hotel

If directors are 2 or more, the Festival reserves the right to communicate, once the selection procedure has been closed, the mode of accommodation.

If the director cannot attend, he may appoint his substitute (preferably the producer) that can use the free accommodation.

Travel expenses are at the director/producer’s  charge.