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Teatro Litta and Eliseo Multisala the venues of the 8th International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo

Teatro Litta and Eliseo Multisala

the venues of the 8th

International Documentary Festival

Visioni dal Mondo

In Milan and online at www.visionidalmondo.it

from 15 to 18 September

More Knowledge. More Awareness.

the theme of the 2022 edition

Milan, 10 May 2022. The 8th International Documentary Film Festival Visioni dal Mondo, conceived, founded and directed by Francesco Bizzarri, will be held in Milan from 15 to 18 September 2022 under the artistic direction of Maurizio Nichetti.


For the 2022 edition, the Festival has chosen two symbolic cultural venues in Milan: the Teatro Litta, one of the most significant works of architecture in Milan and the venue for past editions, and the Eliseo, a cinema theatre founded in 1957 and now known as the Eliseo Multisala, as the chosen venue for the international documentary films selected by the Festival.

The 8th Visioni dal Mondo Festival will be held in presence with participation open to the public and free admission subject to availability. For this edition too, Visioni dal Mondo will offer the possibility of following the premieres on the Festival’s official website www.visionidalmondo.it through the Italian streaming platform MYmovies.


The calendar and programming are currently being finalised, which, in addition to special events, masterclasses and meetings, confirms the main sections: Italian Contest, International Contest, Italian and International Panorama Fuori Concorso and Visioni Incontra, the Industry section dedicated to business and aimed at industry professionals curated by Cinzia Masòtina, responsible for advisory and coordination, which will be held on the first two days of the event, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September.

More Knowledge. More Awareness. is the fil rouge of the 8th International Documentary Film Festival Visions from the World. Knowledge and Awareness, two similar terms that indicate the way in which each individual stands in relation to the choices he makes, the ideas he favours, his beliefs and behaviour. To know in order to establish a conscious connection with reality, knowledge saves man from limitations and frees him beyond the confines of his own consciousness.

Present and future are once again at the heart of the Festival through new investigations, enquiries and reports, with the aim of raising civil, social and environmental Awareness through greater Knowledge in order to build, with changes and transformations, a sustainable, responsible and fair future. A bridge between the creativity of documentary filmmaking, investigative journalism and scientific, social and sociological investigation: Visioni dal Mondo.

To submit your film please fill out the online form on the official website of the Festival www.visionidalmondo.it. There are three competitive sections to which you can apply

Italian Contest dedicated to Italian filmmakers

International Contest, dedicated to foreign independent productions

Visioni Incontra Contest, dedicated to projects, with the categories Work in progress and Final development.

The deadline for submission is 6 June 2022.


8th International Documentary Festival Visions from the World

in Milan from 15 to 18 September and online at www.visionidalmondo.it


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