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The 6th International Documentary Film Festival Visioni dal Mondo (A Window on the World) will be held September 17-20, 2020 in Milan, at The Litta Theater and at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci.

VOLUNTEERSVisioni dal Mondo is seeking volunteers!


volontari visioni dal mondo

The requirements:

  • predisposition to interpersonal relationships and to work in team;
  • full availability during the week of the Festival;
  • availability in the days before the festival to give support to the organization of the Festival premises, and to the promotion and material’s distribution activities;
  • flexibility, initiative, adaptability and accountability;
  • good knowledge of English (an additional language will be appreciated);
  • valid driver’s license and good knowledge of the city of Milan.

During the Festival days, September 17-20 – 2020, you should be available from morning to evening (9:30 to 23:00, the days are organized in 3 different time shifts).

You’ll be part of a team, but you could  also be assigned position of responsibility to be carried out independently. You will report to the festival’s manager.

You could be required more availability time in the week prior to the Festival, in order to support the final organization of the premises and the logistic.


The Festival manager responsible for the  ‘Volunteers team’ will organize (closer to the festival date) a half a day meeting  to inform about the Festival, and the job/duties of the volunteers. In these meeting an Instruction/guidance  manual will be given.

The volunteer activity (as above) cannot be recognized as an internship or work placement in order to achieve the CFU.



You are assigned to the festival guests’reception; you need to speak fluent English; additional foreign languages is appreciated. The volunteers will help the festival manager in welcoming international guests, like directors, producers, distributors, representatives from other festivals, from the first welcome at the airport until the theater halls, or hotels.  Volunteers’  mission is to make the guest Festival experience as pleasant as possible. The Volunteers should have a valid driving licence, a car, covered by insurance.


The Festival requires a few runner activities for distribution of information materials (flyers, catalogues, posters, ) and a monitoring that all materials are always available to the public and to the industry professionals.

Information Desk:

Volunteers are responsible for setting up the desk with the daily programme/calendar and with all information materials. Volunteers welcome the guests by providing them with all the information about the events, and deliver and distribute to them the information material (programme, catalogues etc.)

Accreditation Desk:

The accreditation desk welcomes all acccredites guests. Double checks their accreditation, validates it , releases the valid festival badge, and authorizes them to access to the Festival halls.

Mask / Hall Assistants:

The volunteers will assist the festival masks and hostess in managing a smooth flow to the theaters’ halls. This activity involves a commitment mainly in the afternoon and evening (from 13.30 to 23.00)

The volunteers could also be asked to assist the festival managers during the q&a session at the end of the film.

Production Assistant for the Industry:

Figure 1) will help and coordinate the Festival technicians fo the sound and lighting, setting of chairs/tables, microphones, computers, slides, and overlook on the timely performance of each presentations as planned in the schedules

figure 2) will help the Juries official responsible to provide and collect the jury votes, and to coordinate all meetings between the filmmakers and the industry’s representatives. A personal laptop is required.

Press Office:

Volunteers will support the festival press office to prepare press kits, to welcome and assist media guests and vip. A personal laptop is required.

Photo / video reportage:

volunteers will report all Festival highlights : opening, closing ceremony, awards, interviews with celebrities etc…The material should be published daily on the festival website, and other media, and social networks, contributing to the creation of a photo-daily Festival. The name of the photo or video reportage author will appear along with the festival logo, on the festival website

These volunteers must possess suitable equipment. They will report to the festival official press office.


Who is part of this group, help firsthand the marketing department for the procurement and distribution of materials. If required, he may act as a support in the management of the web site, newsletter and social networks. A personal laptop is required.

Web, social and newsletter:

In the days immediately preceding the Festival, during the 4 days of the Festival, and the day after the Festival’s closing, the Volunteers will have to update the site, the social networks, and the newsletter under the supervision of the Festival staff, with information about the program, the contents, the special events, the highlights of the day.

Benefits for  Volunteers

  • Opportunity to learn about, and take part actively in the shaping and implementation of a leading international film festival, to become an active part of the Festival organization;
  • opportunity to come into direct contact with important cinema professionals like directors, producers, authors, journalists, distributors,  institutions and associations  representatives;
  • free access to all events related to the Festival, of course if it does not overlap with the volunteers duties;
  • gadgets and uniform, tickets, snacks;
  • certificate of participation, issued at the end of Festival specifying the hours worked for the event, Festival presentation letters to the international film schools and universities.

Curricular internship:

If your university is organizing and authorizing the curricular internship, under a tutor responsibility, fill the above form. The festival will then contact you.

Visioni dal Mondo
Via Privata Maria Teresa, 11
20123 Milano
+39 02 8088 6811

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