one leaf one world

19th September 2021


Italian contest – Full-length film

Brief Synopsis:

A trip to China, accompanied by two artists, to discover the manufacture of mulberry paper. Its characteristics, its development, its application and its practices in the field of contemporary art. On the way back, a foray into four-handed work in the ateliers in Beijing, Meride and Milan.
Two painters, Francine Mury, from Switzerland and Jiang Zhuquin, from China.
The paper as a support, pre-text that allows a meeting between cultures, the Western and Asian ones.
For the artist, of all time, paper constitutes an essential support. A base from which to design: for writing, calligraphy, the transmission of knowledge, for sketching or creating a work of art. Paper as a place, a melting pot of experiences, concordances and elective affinities.


Directed by: Domenico Lucchini
Production: Inmagine
Producer: Alberto Meroni
Editing: Etienne del Biaggio
Cinematography: Fabrizio Albertini, Riccardo Brunner, Yimei Zhang, Ning Du, Thianhao Qu
Running time: 64’
Country: Italy/Switzerland
Year: 2021
Contacts: Alberto Meroni |
Domenico Lucchini |

Director’s note:

The film is meant to be an intimate and emotional tale, which uses the structure of the creative documentary – interviews, live footage, archival footage, settings – as the basis on which to build this particular (and unique) artistic experience and its unconventional approach to everything. This is what surrounds and contextualizes the way of making art.
Everything has been filmed in an intimate way with a light troupe and often with handycam.