15 september 2019

17 : 30

Non competitive section

Brief Synopsis:

Zigulì is an intimate diary, a tale of an extreme experience of paternity. The dense and uneven relationship between a father and a disabled son. It speaks of the possibility and ability of these two people to contaminate each other. It is a story made up of cues and fragments, fragments and emotional impulses. The father and the son are two strangers who someone or something has forced to know each other. There is the fragility of a father in the face of his son’s disability. There is fear and the desire for death. The intimate need to disappear. The sweet ball of a candy and the bitterness of a tongue licking on the ground. And then the headboards, the thrusts, the bites, the scratches between the hugs and the explosions of laughter. And sometimes, the kisses. Because in this story, which is above all a love story, everything happens in disorderly fashion, without any sentimental etiquette.


Directed by: Francesco Lagi
Editing: Alice Roffinengo
Cinematography: Francesco Lagi
Running time: 65’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Contacts: Istituto Luce Cinecittà | www.cinecittaluce.it

Director’s note:

The film is named after the book written by Massimiliano Verga, who speaks first-hand about his relationship with his son. From this book was born a play, made by the company Teatrodilina.
In the meantime, a friendship was born with Massimiliano and his sons, which made it possible to define the right distance from which to tell their story, which is made of intimacy, anger and irony. A film to transpose into a further dimension that living and mysterious thing that is the story between this father and this son. A story that seems to tell us that loving costs effort, or rather that it is something that exists only if that effort is done in full.
Francesco Lagi