13 september 2019

20 : 00

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Brief Synopsis:

In Pratomagno, a mountain in the heart of Italy, Alberto and Sulayman live a special friendship.
Alberto is a child born in the pastures of this pleasant land, Sulayman a young shepherd arrived by the sea from the Gambia. Far from the frenzy of the valley, the two live in peace and in symbiosis with the land and animals, until a dark omen appears on the horizon, heralding a fracture. After many years, Alberto decides to return to Pratomagno, in the places of his childhood. No one is left, just his memories and a torrential rain, almost eternal, into which everything sinks. And will we sink or be reborn?


Directed by: Gianfranco Bonadies, Paolo Martino
Production: MACMA
Running time: 28’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019

Director’s note:

“Pratomagno is a return journey that we will all make in a few decades and from whose perspective it will be clearly visible what is happening today. We want to make you drown, with your things and your dreams, and then resurface pure, ageless, without belonging, without skin color. Albertino and Sulayman are a warning that humanity is currently sending to itself, in a universal way, transcending labels and hashtags.”
Gianfranco Bonadies, Paolo Martino