13 september 2019

21 : 30

Non competitive section

Brief Synopsis:

A journey through the dynamics of gender in Italy today, told through a succession of scenes of daily life, from childhood to adulthood. A kaleidoscope of situations from time to time curious, tender, grotesque, mysterious, linked by the story of the so-called normality, shown by angles and views disorienting.
The film explores the collective staging of the male and female universe, proposing a reflection on the impact that the social construction of genres has on our lives.


Directed by: Adele Tulli
Editing: Ilaria Fraioli, Elisa Cantelli, Adele Tulli
Cinematography: Clarissa Cappellani, Francesca Zonars
Running time: 70’
Country: Italy and Sweden
Year: 2019

Director’s note:

In my previous films I have worked on themes related to gender and sexuality, always choosing protagonists who reflect the point of view of those who are on the margins of the dominant social conventions. In this work I wanted to experiment with a change of perspective, focusing precisely on what is considered conventional, normative, normal. The idea is to create combinations that can cause a sense of estrangement and surprise in front of the spectacle of the “normal” reality of everyday life. Normal aims to provoke a reflection on the complex social dynamics through which we construct and inhabit our gender identities.
Adele Tulli