13 september 2019

15 : 45

Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

In Capo district in Palermo, the catholic worship of Mother of Mercy takes place since 1600. In this context, an unlawful car park attendant is Marisol’s father, living with his children in a slum. Marisol waits anxiously for the day of her first communion and through her relationship with Mother of Mercy she makes up a fantasy world.


Directed by: Camilla Iannetti
Production: Centro sperimentale di cinematografia
Producer: Pierfrancesco Li Donni
Editing: Camilla Iannetti
Cinematography: Camilla Iannetti
Running time: 52’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Contacts: Pierfrancesco Li Donni │ │ Camilla Iannetti │

Director’s note:

“Marisol is an observational documentary trying to look into the father-daughter relationship during the grieving process and the childish need to create a fantasy world even where very few things can be inspirational. The relationship between the author and the protagonists has been created throughout a year of mutual trust and understanding and it shaped the way the film looks now. Synthesizing everyday life into a family portrait where the cultural symbolic universe of the family brings the narration on a next level of “reality”.”
Camilla Iannetti