Le Royaume

13 september 2019

17 : 30

Brief Synopsis:

American evangelists provide military training to Burmese soldiers in order to convert them. A dive in a renewed form of colonialism.
In the heart of the burmese jungle, a civil war has been raging for decades and exhausts ethnic minorities persecuted by the central government. A group of evangelical and paramilitary Americans seems to be the only people who tackle the issue of the oppressed minorities.
But under the guise of helping these populations, the military support and the ideological and religious conditioning they provide reveal that the group of American volunteers serve other purposes.


Directed by: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
Screenplay: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
Production: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
Producers: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
Editing: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
Cinematography: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
International sales: Laurent Reyes and Gabriel Laurent
Running time: 57’
Country: France
Year: 2019
Contacts: Laurent Reyes | Director | laurentreyes@gmail.com | Gabriel Laurent | Director | gab.laurent@gmail.com

Director’s note:

After meeting randomly in India the founder of this underground evangelical and paramilitary organization, we realized we had a very privileged access to a striking example of an almost unspoken though most influential matter in today’s world issues: the ongoing Neo-colonialism. For us, French people and world travelers, it stands for our national history that broke up many colonized countries and for the current renewed forms of colonization that we have been witnessing in the world.
Reyes Laurent