01 Apr

Jugglers and migrants are the protagonists of the latest work by Claudia Cipriani, winner of the Festival 2018

Claudia Cipriani, the Milanese director who won with her latest film L’ora d’acqua at the International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Immagini dalla Realtà 2018, is finishing her new documentary film about acrobats and migrants. Claudia Cipriani, born in Milan in 1972 and graduated in Pavia with a thesis on Anthropology, – as she states in the interview in the daily newspaper la Repubblica (March 30, 2019) – does not like impositions but prefers characters who at a certain point deviate from the pre-established tracks and decide to deviate the road. Mine is a manual work,” says Claudia Cipriani, “I am an artisan, a videographer who writes stories with images and music”.

In the film that won the Festival Visioni dal Mondo Special Jury 2018 award, L’ora d’acqua, Mauro is a diver who works at great depths under oil platforms, in the middle of the sea, and must live in a small hyperbaric chamber for most of the year. In his free time, he likes to teach his little friend Milo how to dive and he conveys his passion for the sea and its legends. At a certain point, while off the coast of Libya, Mauro realizes that he is fed up with life on the platforms and tries to realize his childhood dream: to recover the sunken ships.