The projects in competition:

  • Chic and fabulous by Andrea Fortis
  • I’ve two fathers by Marco Simon Puccioni
  • Innesti- a film about Ettore by Sandro Bozzolo
  • The eighteenth victim by Claudia Cipriani
  • Our Road by Pierfrancesco Li Donni
  • Man Kind Man by Iacopo Patierno
  • Metamorphosis by Michele Fasano
  • Milk Drop. The camel revolution by Clio Sozzani
  • Swiss Communist Party by Pepi Romagnoli
  • State of Beat – an Italian Beatbox story by Andrea Filippo Mossa
  • Under the Shadow of a Distant Moon by Stefano Croci
  • Unimaginable trauma by Andrea Deaglio
  • Lives on the river Piave by Riccardo De Cal

Out of competition project:

  • Giovanna, story of a voice by Chiara Ronchini