GuidelinesGuidelines And Hot Line

Advices for a better use of our Industry Platform Bsquare Visioni Incontra. To participate to the Industry activities you should register and fill in the Industry accreditation form:

Once the accreditation form is accepted by the Festival delegates you’ll receive a mail confirming it and a link to log in to the platform.

Log in Bsquare Visioni Incontra platform: it is the platform through which you could follow:

  1. the pitching of the projects
  2. book and participate to one on one meeting (reserved for authorized Market Guests)
  3. Round tables and panels open to Market Guests and also to Forum Guests


Practical information:

  • Use Google Chrome over other browser
  • Connect your computer with a ethernet cable to ensure good internet connection
  • Use a computer over a phone or tablet to ensure the camera is well placed
  • Make sure your camera is clean so the image is great (also check the light)
  • Use a headphone or AirPods to minimize ambient noise
  • Create a Zoom account beforehand here
  • Mind the time zone on your invitation email


How do I join an event?

A) Though Visioni dal Mondo website’s online Industry page:

  • Log in to the section/tab Bsquare Visioni dal Mondo platform
  • If you are not registered register yourself
  • Click on the activity you want to follow (The Pitching and the one on one meeting are only for a closed number of industry guests)
  • Find the current date
  • Click on “join the meeting” button

B) Through your email’s invitation:

  • An hour before the event you’ll receive an invitation by email
  • Click on the link embedded


How do I create a Zoom account?

  • Go to Zoom :
  • Click on “sign up, it’s free”
  • Add a birth date
  • Write your email address
  • Open your email and click on Zoom’s email to activate your account
  • Write your name and surname and create a password


Should you have any queries: