How I Survived the Pyongyang Film Festival 3D

Concorso Internazionale


The animated stereoscopic documentary “How I Survived the Pyongyang Film Festival 3D” describes the personal experiences of the documentary filmmaker Martin Hans Schmitt, who took part in the Pyongyang International Film Festival in 2018. It is a travel film, during the course of which it gradually reveals how the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Un shapes the lives and thoughts of North Koreans right down to the smallest private niche, and also gradually influences the filmmaker too, increasingly creating the impression that we are observing a real-life satire.


Director:  Martin Hans Schmitt
Producer:  Martin Hans Schmitt
Editing:  Martin Hans Schmitt
Cinematography:  Martin Hans Schmitt
Lenght:  75′
Nation: Germany
Year:  2022

Director’s notes:

I was a guest at the Pyongyang International Film Festival. Or, in other words: “I survived North Korea”. I left the country after a total of eight days in Pyongyang. I was relieved to have escaped the dominant surveillance paranoia and the personality cult of the Kim family, and eventually to step once again onto free European soil. All in all my visit to the festival was a salutary lesson about dictatorships, state presentation, and constant indoctrination.