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7° Festival Internazionale del Documentario Visioni dal Mondo
16-19 settembre, Milano

38 documentary films, global or Italian premieres, on MyMovies platform. Access to all films with a 9.90 euro accreditation.
The films will be streamed simultaneously with our theatre screenings and then available online for the following 48 hours (unless differently specified).

All the films with a single accreditation

The 38 Italian and international documentary films scheduled for the live screenings at the Festival from 16 to 19 September will be also available online on the MyMovies platform, simultaneously with the official theatre screenings and then available on-demand for the following 48 hours. The documentaries will explore exteremely topical issues such as sustainability, environment and climate change, artificial intelligence, inclusion and diversity, globalisation, immigration and civil rights. 

Unmasking the past – Building a better future is the theme for the seventh edition of the International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo. Faithful to its mission to narrate the world of today through yesterday’s indelible memory. Visioni dal Mondo 2021 sets itself the goal of investigate, and more incisively, unmask the present to imagine and build a better future. Scrutinise, explore to never stop.

A rich programme with Italian and global premieres, declined through the different sections of the Festival (Italian Contest, International Contest and Non competitive Section).




Aside from the documentaries, you can also attend online the Masterclass with Nick Broomfield, a multiple award-winning British director, renowned for his ability to delve into the life of the most famous artists, such as in his documentaries dedicated to music icons Whitney Houston and Kurt Cobain.

All films can be viewed in their original version with Italian subtitles by purchasing a € 9,90 subscription. The films are accessible from Italy only, and seats availability is limited (500 seats for each screening).